Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Many couples dream for their babies to complete their family but their desire for becoming parents get shattered when they come to know about infertility in either partner. If your dream also gets shattered due to same reason then IVF can be the ray of hope for you as this treatment can work magically to fulfil the dream of many childless couples.
In females infertility can be due to various issues like low-level AHM, irregular periods, imbalanced hormones, PCOS, damaged ovaries, blocked or damaged tubes and all these issues stop the female to feel the best feeling of universe that is motherhood but now advanced technology based infertility treatment can tackle with all these issues and help the females to be mothers even in the age of late 30s.

Infertility can be males also as some men suffer from the problem like low sperm count even then also parents can fulfil their dream of being biological parents. After visiting the infertility clinics and appropriate tests doctor can know your infertility issue and can advice you accordingly for the best possible treatment option.

How IVF can become hope?

IVF is the laboratory-based result oriented infertility treatment that can help you to get your own baby. IVF is the treatment in which female eggs are extracted and fertilized with the male sperm under the controlled conditions of the laboratory to develop the healthy embryo and then this healthy and best embryo has been transferred in the mother womb to lead for the successful pregnancy.

For many infertile couples, IVF is the only and last hope as they have the infertility problem that can not be cured or treated then this lab-based method provide them with the chance to walk on the way of hope.

IVF can even give chance to become parents to the couples who are at the stage of the late 30s this treatment can even work successfully with donor eggs, donor embryo or donor sperms too. So this treatment is even hoping for the single parents, widows and many others that have only dream to have their babies.

This treatment is started with the stimulation of ovulation with the proper drugs and then best quality eggs are extracted from female ovaries but if the eggs are not of best quality then donor eggs are used. In the second step male sperms sample is taken to fertilize the eggs but if the male partner has infertility issue and has no sperm count then donor sperms are used for best results. Then male sperm and eggs are kept in controlled and mimic conditions of mother womb for fertilization and the best quality embryo has been chosen to implant in the womb for successful pregnancy.

IVF is the advanced procedure and has a higher success ratio but if taken from the best IVF centre in India as only experienced and best IVF doctor can give optimized results with 100% safe results.

As such there are no complications occur during and after treatment but the patient has to suffer from the emotional fight during the treatment. But as said all well that ends the well happy pregnancy at the end help you to forget about the emotional stress that you could have bear during the procedure.

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