Friday, 24 March 2017

Azoospermia in male and how it threatens the world

It is surprising how male infertility is increasing and normally occurs out of one’s expectations. It is triggered by many factors and currently, research shows that natural causes of infertility in males are the ones to blame mostly. Azoospermia is just one type of infertility in males and it is identified with the absence of sperms in the semen. Numerous tests have to be taken to identify this problem due to the fact that other infertility problems can be expected in males. 

Having a child with the natural means may seem easy for some couples, but is a hard and complicated journey for some. Making a woman pregnant requires 500,000,000 sperm cells, but there are men who hardly reach this quantity and they need drugs to increase sperm production in them. A couple with no infertility issues has nearly 84% chance of conceiving in a single year yet whenever one has sex, sperms are released. The major causes of Azoospermia are;

·         Pelvic surgeries

·         High blood pressure

·         Hormonal imbalances

·         Stress

·         A poor lifestyle

Male infertility has reached an alarming point due to the fact that the numbers of couples with various sexual problems are increasing each year. Today there are more girls born each day compared to the number of boys born which threatens the future generations. Male infertility was uncommon in the past which increased the rate of birth rates. Today it is the opposite; there are many death rates and decreasing birth rates. Men should become more cautious with lifestyle and always seek Azoospermia treatment in India before the problem worsens.

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