Monday, 16 January 2017

Try ICSI to Fight Impotence

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection occurs when a man fails to impregnate his wife through the natural way. The problem may be with the man in case of azoopermia or the woman with blocked fallopian tubes. There may also be other causes of the failure to conceive which may be unexplained causes.

In ICSI, semen is harvested from a man and separated to get sperms in the laboratory which are injected into the woman’s uterus using a micromanipulator. ICSI treatment is increasing since there are increasing numbers of male infertility.

IVF treatment can be performed with this procedure and this increases the chances of achieving pregnancy ICSI has been highly used by women since the procedure is seen to be easy

Some of the risks with ICSI are,
       I.            High rate of infections when performed by inexperienced doctors
     II.            It may result in more pregnancies
  III.    It may require further treatment for example with IVF to increase the chances of pregnancy

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