Monday, 14 August 2017

How to spend most of your time Prior to the IVF Procedure

In Vitro Fertilization aka IVF isn’t a procedure dependant on the fertility expert himself. It also requires great concern from the patient/couple. The best way of spending most of your time prior to an IVF procedure can be done in the following ways.


It encompasses a lot of disciplines and it is one of the effortless exercises you can take up in your home or any Yoga service provider. There are various benefits of yoga from the physical body to your soul. Most especially infertility yoga exercises will prepare your pelvic region, womb and the whole body for IVF reception at the IVF Centre in India.


Given the different physical exercises you may know, dancing, running, swimming, cycling, and so on help to stretch out the muscles. They will calm your body, improve flexibility and improve blood flow.


It may be a part of Yoga exercise, but meditation specifically will help you in many things. It will release stress, keep your mind free, keep you relaxed and refreshed.


The power of positivity is still underestimated by many people, but before something happens in real life, most of the times it is facilitated by the belief inside you. Have clear expectations and don’t look back in case anything goes wrong.


Have more green vegetable, fruits, and above all a balanced diet. Take more water.

The major aim

The major aim of the above given exercises is to boost the reception chances hence increasing the success chances of IVF. Avoid stress,  and anxiety as much as possible.

Watch this video to know the full process of IVF treatemnt

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What to look for in an IVF centre

IVF centres are not a showroom and when anyone steps there it means that you want nothing but total help and treatment. Approximately, there are more than 800 IVF centres claiming to provide the best IVF treatment, gyne consultation, fertility treatment, ultrasound checkups, pregnancy care, and painless deliveries and so on. This could show a good medical standard, but many of them lack well-trained and the latest technology in performing the checkups and providing treatment to the patients.

The best requirement that any patient would get from the IVF centre is the doctor and patient relationship. This is the baseline from which effective treatment is devised. So when looking for the best IVF centre, mind not only the services provided but also the relationship and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Any IVF centre in India that you visit must be registered and complying with the ICMR guidelines. Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) requires a sophisticated clinic following the right methodologies in executing any procedure. The best IVF centres in India are characterised by a great number of pregnancy rate and the high number of live births.

Following the studies in countries like the USA, IVF has a wide market that is expected to double by 2020. To keep the success rates of the treatment, doctors, specialists and technicians have to be fully trained and equipped to deliver the best services to patients. The success rate of IVF is 27% as calculated from 2016. 

To know more details about the IVF treatment you can watch this video:

Monday, 24 April 2017

Get the best & low cost IVF treatment from Sofat Infertility Center

Infertility is  a problem which is affecting about 1 to6 couples. However the causes of infertility are related to 40% men, 40% women and 20 % from the combination of both. These days, most of the couples are facing difficulty in conceiving and are unable to have a baby. Therefore, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the best infertility treatment which allows a couple to have their own baby.

IVF is a process of extracting eggs, retrieving sperm and then adding the both in the laboratory. Then the resulting embryo is placed in the woman’s uterus in order to make her conceive.  It is the most effective procedure which helps a woman to get pregnant.

If the fallopian tubes are blocked or sperm is poor, then it is the only acceptable option a couple have. The IVF procedure involves: -

Eggs are extracted from the woman and sperm from the man

Both eggs and sperm are placed in the laboratory

Allow fertilization to occur

Embryo transfer to the uterus.

IVF cost

IVF treatment cost in India depends on the type of infertility, a couple is facing. In some cases, a woman gets pregnant in the first cycle of IVF procedure. While in some cases, women may undergo through various cycles in order to conceive.

Since IVF is an expensive procedure, but at Sofat Infertility center, we try to achieve the higher pregnancy rates thus reduce the number of treatment attempts. We also make sure not to charge extra for unnecessary testing and only recommended what we feel is necessary to achieve your pregnancy as soon as possible. Moreover, we have not extra hidden charges. Thus, we give the surety that your overall treatment cost is lowered. 

Friday, 14 April 2017


IVF is the best treatment for those couples who are unable to conceive naturally even after trying for regular unprotected intercourse. If a woman has tried all methods and is still unable to conceive then IVF treatment in Punjab is the best option they have which will help to make their dream come true.

In Vitro Fertilization is the treatment procedure in which male’s sperm and female’s egg are combined together in the laboratory and the resulting embryo is again put into a woman’s womb which helps to make a woman conceive. Some women easily get conceived in the first cycle of treatment while in some cases, it may take various treatment cycles to make a woman conceive.

Causes of infertility in Men: - Not only women but infertility in men is the reason which does not allow her female partner to conceive. More than 90% of infertility cases are due to low sperm count or poor sperm count or both.

Other factors which are considered as the main causes of infertility are as follows: -

Smoking and drugs


Nutrition and diet

Excessive stress

Hernia in your groin


Causes of infertility in women: - The most common cause of infertility in women is the ovulation, damage to the fallopian tubes and age. With the increase in the age of a woman, her fertility capacity tends to decrease gradually.other causes are: -

Ovulation disorder

Damage to fallopian tubes

Uterine or cervical causes

Unexplained infertility

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Poor egg health.

Procedure of IVF treatment: - The procedure involves the following steps: -

Ovulation Induction

Egg Retrieval


Putting embryo in the woman’s womb

From IVF to pregnancy.


Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Best Infertility Treatment - IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) Treatment

With the changed life style and other hormonal factors, most of the couples are facing difficulty in conceiving. However, there may be a lot of reasons behind these problems. Most of the couples are going for IUI treatment. It is the process in which sperm is placed in the woman’s uterus in order to facilitate fertilization. In females, IUI is done on the first day of their periods to get their eggs while in males, spems are taken on the treatment day and combined with female’s eggs.

IUI can be done through your partner’s perm or other sperm.  The procedure is sometimes combined with the fertility drugs to increase the chances of pregnancy. During IUI treatment, it is made sure that whether your fallopian tubes are open or not. Female age is a very important factor in IUI treatment. Women above 40 age face difficulty in conceiving.

IUI intrauterine insemination is the best and safe procedure recommended by doctors. The chances of conceiving using this treatment is more. That’s the reason a lot of people are going for this treatment. Well success rate depends on the fertility problem and age.

IUI can be used in one of the following conditions: -

Unexplained fertility
Cervical factor infertility
Ovarian dysfunction
Ejaculation dysfunction.

At least three to six IUI attempts are done by surgeons before going for the advanced treatment. The great advantage of this IUI treatment is that it does not require any precautions after the treatment.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Azoospermia in male and how it threatens the world

It is surprising how male infertility is increasing and normally occurs out of one’s expectations. It is triggered by many factors and currently, research shows that natural causes of infertility in males are the ones to blame mostly. Azoospermia is just one type of infertility in males and it is identified with the absence of sperms in the semen. Numerous tests have to be taken to identify this problem due to the fact that other infertility problems can be expected in males. 

Having a child with the natural means may seem easy for some couples, but is a hard and complicated journey for some. Making a woman pregnant requires 500,000,000 sperm cells, but there are men who hardly reach this quantity and they need drugs to increase sperm production in them. A couple with no infertility issues has nearly 84% chance of conceiving in a single year yet whenever one has sex, sperms are released. The major causes of Azoospermia are;

·         Pelvic surgeries

·         High blood pressure

·         Hormonal imbalances

·         Stress

·         A poor lifestyle

Male infertility has reached an alarming point due to the fact that the numbers of couples with various sexual problems are increasing each year. Today there are more girls born each day compared to the number of boys born which threatens the future generations. Male infertility was uncommon in the past which increased the rate of birth rates. Today it is the opposite; there are many death rates and decreasing birth rates. Men should become more cautious with lifestyle and always seek Azoospermia treatment in India before the problem worsens.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Male Infertility and Its Treatment

For many years men excluded themselves from infertility issues putting the whole situation on women (wives). Today, men are realizing the need to engage in this fight since the number of them being affected is increasing every now and then. I believe conceiving immediately after the honeymoon is normal and some may want and need it but to others, they may want to take a year or eight months without conceiving.

This is when the need to seek infertility advice is necessary. Do not prepare yourself for an emergency rather, take proactive action. It doesn’t mean you are infertile but it may help you prevent infertility or deal with the problem when it’s early. It is advisable that husbands should work in hand with their wives rather than living the lot to them. You have to be aware of azoospermia and other infertility issues in men. This is the situation where a man’s semen contains less than fifteen million millimeters of sperm and in other cases; they may be of poor quality.

Male Infertility Treatment in Punjab is the best choice to get the successful treatment without taking any risks. There are lots of clinics in Punjab but you should choose the right centre that fulfills your wishes without charging too much money from you.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Try ICSI to Fight Impotence

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection occurs when a man fails to impregnate his wife through the natural way. The problem may be with the man in case of azoopermia or the woman with blocked fallopian tubes. There may also be other causes of the failure to conceive which may be unexplained causes.

In ICSI, semen is harvested from a man and separated to get sperms in the laboratory which are injected into the woman’s uterus using a micromanipulator. ICSI treatment is increasing since there are increasing numbers of male infertility.

IVF treatment can be performed with this procedure and this increases the chances of achieving pregnancy ICSI has been highly used by women since the procedure is seen to be easy

Some of the risks with ICSI are,
       I.            High rate of infections when performed by inexperienced doctors
     II.            It may result in more pregnancies
  III.    It may require further treatment for example with IVF to increase the chances of pregnancy

You can receive the best ICSI treatment from the best ICSI centre in India and at an affordable price. We have advanced technology and equipment to help have a baby of your own through sperm donation, egg donation, and IVF treatment