Friday, 28 October 2016

Next Generation Sequencing – New technology of prescreening the embryo


The quality of the In Vitro Fertilization is an effective way to become pregnant. Thanks to the new discovery in the UK.

A new technology to prescreen the embryo before the implantation process has potentially increased the success rates of IVF treatment. Almost 50 percent or more experts are saying that they are making this process more feasible in order to order to help those couples who are not able to do a baby naturally.

Currently, almost 50 percent of the cases of IVF lead to failure because of abnormal chromosomes that remain undetected during the process of conventional screening.

But the invention of new technology has allowed analyzing the large portion of the embryonic DNA before the implantation process in order to detect the chromosomes and hence increasing the success of the IVF treatment in Punjab to much higher rates.

Known as a next generation sequencing (NGS), the technology is able to scan the human genome for any kind of pattern that hinders the success rates of the pregnancy through IVF.

As in many of the infertility treatment, embryos were not able to convert into the baby. But NGS will greatly improve to detect the greater part of the abnormalities.

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