Thursday, 8 September 2016

IUI Procedure And How It Helps Infertile Couples

IUI Procedure

IUI or Intrauterine insemination is a procedure during which a sterilized and active sperm is placed into female’s uterus near her eggs during ovulation.  

IUI is usually combined with fertility medication to increase the possibility to conceive. 

IUI benefits

If your partner develops little number of sperms or inactive ones, IUI is beneficial to use as under IUI procedure, healthy and active sperms are chosen to begin the treatment. 

Due to any kind of accident, disability or ED disorder, if a couple cannot do intercourse, IUI helps them to conceive a child. Because the sperms are injected directly into female’s body, so getting pregnant is possible even without the sexual activity due to above problems.

If a male partner is unable to develop quality sperms but female wants to become pregnant, donor sperms can be used in the clinic to conceive a child. The donor sperm is properly evaluated for HIV or other disorders. 

If the female becomes pregnant with frozen sperms, then the biological father has nothing to do with legal rights and laws. 

If a couple suffers from nominal endometriosis, IUI is helpful.

If a couple hits fertility problems.

IUI offers 16% better chances to become pregnant in females who are above 30

There are 11% chances in females who are of 35 to 39 years old

For females around 40 to 42 years old, the success rates are 5%. So females of higher age can also get pregnant with greater chances.

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