Saturday, 13 August 2016

Care Your Infant Born Out Of Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the boon for the helpless couple that really long for their baby. After the successful surrogacy program intended parents get healthy baby but to care that infant can also be matter of concern for the parents.

Following are some considerations for caring the infant after birth

Care while feeding the infant

Feeding can be the prime concern for the new parents after surrogacy so here are few tips to feed the child.

In surrogacy child is handed over to potential parents after the Brest feeding by surrogate and even it is the easiest solution for feeding the child.

Surrogate mother can easily breast feed the child while she is recuperating from pregnancy same like the new mother.

Intended mother can also feed the child either by the induced lactation or by adoptive breastfeeding. 

Intended mothers can induce lactation with the hormones as with the treatment of combination of progesterone and estrogen woman can lactate even if she has not given birth

Pumping can also be the solution for feeding the child for intended mother as with the help of partner for nipple stimulation breast milk can be produced.

In surrogacy initially the infants do not feel comfortable with intended mothers so it is important to have bodily contact with the baby that can be possible only by breast feeding.

Care while travelling with baby

While traveling with infant intended mother should make sure that baby is comfortable in their lap and has enough space to breath means mothers should keep in mind not to smoother the baby with blankets and something else

If the baby is not feeding on breast milk then it is important while travelling to carry bottle for feeding and other necessary things like clothes, toys and diapers along with you

While travelling by air it is important to be careful as baby can suffer from the ear pressure even it can happen when you feed the baby when you are stationary.

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